HOKI 60W Soldering Gun with Automatic Solder wire Feeder


Original Hoki Soldering Gun 60W

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HOKI 60W Soldering Gun Description:-
  • 【Hand-held Automatic Soldering Iron Gun】Soldering iron tools widely used for welding circuit board, appliance repair, Home DIY hobbyists, jewelry welding.
  • 【One-Handed Use Design】 The Solder sucker with simple construction, so whether you are right or left-handed, you can using the desoldering pump by just cocking it and pressing the trigger button with one hand when you are ready..
  • Power is 60W, possess low power consumption, energy-saving, economical and applicable.

How To Use:

  1. Press down the tin inlet, insert the solder wire from the tin inlet, pull the trigger until the tin wire is sent to the tin guide nozzle
  2. Insert the solder into the rated voltage power supply, turn on the power switch to preheat
  3. When the solder is heated enough, pull the trigger to start the welding operation
  4. When you want to withdraw the tin wire, just press the tin inlet and pull out the tin wire at the same time
  5. When you need to replace the heat


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