ULTIUM Multimeter, Digital Multimeter DT830d under 120 (Yellow Color)


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Multimeter dt830d description:- ULTIUM Multimeter, Digital Multimeter DT830d is best multimeter for your day to day needs. If you have basic knowledge about multimeters you can try this small multimeter for basic continuity checks and voltage measurements. This is best multimeter among low price multimeter, which can be used as digital multimeter. LCD size: 49x16mm. Max display: 1999. Low battery indication: yes. Overload protection: yes. Diode test: yes. Transistor test: yes. Continuity buzzer test: yes. Square wave output:: yes. Power supply: one 9V 6F22 battery. Product size: 124×70×26mm. Product weight: about 111g. Standard accessories: meter (with battery), test lead, manual. Multimeter dt830d Functions:- Simple and easy, suitable for beginners. DCV: 200m-2000m-20-200-1000V ±0.5%. ACV: 200-750V ±1.0%. DCA: 2000u-20m-200m-10A ±1.8%. Resistance: 200-2000-20K-200K-2000KΩ ±1.0%. Safety Instruction:- To avoid possible damage to the meter or to the equipment under test, follow these guidelines. disconnect circuit power and discharge all high-voltage capacitors before testing resistance, continuity, diodes, or capacitance. Use the proper terminals, function, and range for your measurements. If you want to measure current, check the meter’s fuses and turn power off to the circuit before connecting the meter to the circuit. Before rotating the range switch to change functions, disconnect test leads from the circuit under test. For attempting to insert transistors for testing, always be sure that the test leads have been disconnected from any measurement circuits. Remove test leads from the meter before opening the meter case.


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