Small Portable Cordless Power Screwdriver, Mini Electric Screwdriver Set with 55 Precision Bits LED Light Magnetic Mat

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  • 【Portable Design】 59 in 1 screwdriver set. Comes with storage boxes, 55 different screwdriver bits and extension rods, USB charging cables, Magnetizer and Magnetic Worktable.
  • 【 Multi-purpose 】 Mini electric screwdriver set with 55 different precision screw bits and 1 extension rod can easily meet different specifications of screwdriver. It helps you easily repair or open all electronics, laptops, mobile phones, PCs, Apple series, watches, tablets, cameras, circuit boards, radios, printers, drones, game consoles, glasses, toys and more.
  • 【Work Light】Portable electric screwdriver set with 360° shadowless lighting design, built-in 3 LED lights to help you light up the work area. Wireless design, built-in 260mAh rechargeable lithium battery power, charging time of 30~40 minutes.
  • 【Electric operation and Manual use】This automatic screwdriver handle has a non-slip matte surface, ultra-thin aluminum alloy shell, and an anti-oxidation design. The screwdriver speed is 150r/min, and the maximum output torque is 0.35N.m. When the battery is low, manual power can be used instead of automatic power, saving you time.
  • 【Power Screwdriver Set with Case & Magnetic Bits】4 corners and case cover with magnetic, convenient for holding 55pcs bits and 1pc extension rod. You can use the Magnetizer to easily strengthen or weaken the magnetic of the bit.And The magnetized bits can easier to catch and hold screws when dealing with tiny screws.

2 reviews for Small Portable Cordless Power Screwdriver, Mini Electric Screwdriver Set with 55 Precision Bits LED Light Magnetic Mat

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