Electric Desoldering Pump 30W, Portable Desoldering Pump, Electric Solder Removal Tool(Desoldering Nozzles 1.0mm 1.2mm)



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Electric Desoldering Pump Description:
  • ✅【HIGH EFFICIENCY SOLDER SUCKER】Electric Desoldering Pump is rugged and has a strong through-hole desoldering capability, allowing for more efficient and rapid desoldering of through-hole components and the ability to quickly remove excess solder, leaving a clean work area. The product contains electrical insulation protection material (mica) and it is normal for the product to show white smoke for no more than 20 minutes when first used.
  • ✅【ONE-HANDED OPERATION】Portable desoldering pump allows continuous desoldering of through-hole components with one hand. It also comes with a heat deflector that reduces excessive heat transfer to your hands during desoldering, making your desoldering process easier and thus increasing your productivity.
  • ✅【FAST HEATING】This is a 220V, 30W desolder tool. When you plug it in and preheat it for 3 minutes, then press the side button, you can easily start working on it. We also provide two different diameters (φ1.0mm and φ1.2mm) with interchangeable desoldering nozzles for easy desoldering of different diameter component vias. (Note: Wait for the iron to cool completely before replacing the nozzle)
  • ✅【WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS】Whether you are a beginner or an expert, this Solder Sucker will meet your various desoldering needs. Widely used in a variety of direct plug components and other special desoldering, especially suitable for pin more direct plug components desoldering, such as LCD screen, digital tube, row of pins, etc.
  • ✅【EASY TO CLEAN】Desoldering vacuum pump are so sturdy that you can simply lift and pull out the waste solder storage tube to quickly clean the solder.
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How to use?
  1. Plug in the power cord,the indicator light is on,let the desoldering Pump preheat for about 3 minutes,then you can start using.
  2. Wait for the desoldering Pump to preheat for 3minutes,and tin on the nozzle when first used.
  3. Push down the charging handle.
  4. Cover the pins of the assembly with the nozzle and press the release button when the solder is completely melted.
Package List:
  1. Desoldering Pump x 1
  2. Desoldering Nozzles (1.0mm) x 1
  3. Desoldering Nozzles (1.2mm) x 1
  4. Cleaning Pin x 1
Weight 0.30 kg
Dimensions 27 × 15 × 5 cm


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