ULTIUM Electric Soldering Iron 30W


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Product Features:

  • Soldering iron power 30W provided .
  • This is an external heated electric soldering iron with EU standard plug and plastic handle.
  • Professional soldering tool is great for lead-free soldering semiconductors
  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Ideal tools for computer motherboard maintenance.
Precautions for use:

1 Keep the head of the soldering nozzle always hanging tin.

2 Do not use strongly acidic flux when soldering.

3 Do not use a file or hammer to trim or tap the tip of the nozzle.

4 in the presence of non-staining tin, the application of fine sand skin light soldering mouth, and then flux moistened with tin.

5 soldering iron power use, it is strictly prohibited to disassemble its electrical parts.

6 new soldering iron for the first time due to the electric heating element baking heat and may be slightly smoky, which is a normal phenomenon, ten minutes after the natural disappearance of.

7 soldering iron process, should be used with a natural heat dissipation structure of the soldering iron seat and should be placed in the soldering iron


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